Mom and Zoey

The following was written by Linda Nemec Foster for her daughter...

History of the Body

Body within my body, I shape you out of almost nothing, give you a tight envelope to surround your soul. I deem you female-eyes cobalt blue, fingers long and translucent-without even realizing it. And after the quantum leap from a single cell to complex organism, much of your body's life is beyond my conscious thought: your waking, your sleeping, the small objects of your complete desire. Complete as the perfect wings of the jay above your head or the pale stars that mark your birth with nothing but pure light. Daughter, I cannot give you anything so complete or so pure. But I can give you something better. Your body, which is your life. And the fierce love of it that no one can take away. And these words that will remind you of that love. And your father's broad hand that opened the door to it. And the blankness of the rest of this page for your own words, your own history.

This is one of my favorites from the book titled I am Becoming the Woman I've Wanted. Not very well known and hasn't won any awards or anything but is and has been one of my favorites since my early college days. One of those books that I would pick up when in need of a little comfort, reassurance or inspiration.