A {super} great day!

Yesterday was a GREAT day! I got chosen to participate in an online class that will be taught by Wilna Furstenberg who was nominated as one of last years Hall of Fame scrapbookers for Creating Keepsakes Magazine, (my fave scrapping magazine)! Super exciting, and I can't wait to share, but for now I have to keep my lips sealed as the class isn't even being taught yet...I'm getting to do a "test" run of the class before everyone else which is why I need to keep it hush..hush. The site that Wilna is teaching the class through is called Designers Notes. Her personal site is here. And, did I mention that I get to do this for FREE! :) How cool is that?!?! And I get to rub elbows, (via email!), with a published, Hall of Fame, scrapper! :) Having fun and enjoying this opportunity! -j
Jennifer Davis said...

Well, that's the real know that Aerque! :)