Another little face-maker in the house...

here is the little goofball making faces at herself in the mirror! She was saying things like "Hi, I'm Zoey Raen"..."say, hi"..."say hi!".."I love you Zoey." Love these little moments of her being her silly little self! Also loving these AWESOME dinosaur pajamas...they are made of blanket fleece, so soft and so warm but the coolest thing, (besides the dinosaurs of course!), is that the feet of the pajamas are convertable feet, which means that when she gets too long for them, (seems as though she goes through another growth spurt every other day!) the toes of the pj's flip open for her feet to go out, (like cuffed pants) and she can still wear the pj's, just with socks! Makes a Mama happy to find stuff like this! :)