A Bit of Scrapping this Morning


Been having some fun going through old pictures lately, this one wanted to be scrapped today! ;)
Was a bit of a challenging afternoon here though. I was taking the laundry downstairs to the wash and fell down the basement stairs, first landing with all my weight on my bum, (hands were holding laundry), and then bumped the whole rest of the way down. Sounds funny I know but not a good thing, I actually cried like a little kid, (I don't even remember doing that while giving birth!), I'm in quite a bit of pain but thinking, (hoping) that my tailbone is just going to be really, really bruised. Will see if I can get out of the bed in the morning....that'll probably be the test. It isn't comfortable for me to sit so I'm kneeling right now which really isn't all that better either! Think I'll sign off for now...wishing everyone a good night. -j
Leslie said...

if it still hurts after a few days, you will want to go to the dr's. I fell like that once when I was 12 and never told anybody and to this day, it still aches sometimes. (i think I chipped my tailbone and it never healed correctly).
You'll probably get a million horror stories like that.

Love your layout, by the way!!! so whimsical!

Jennifer Davis said...

thanks...I'm thinking that you're right on. still hurting, but am still thinking (hoping) it's bruised?!?!