Good Morning!

Woke up this morning with a sore throat and was really, really tired, (Ethan and Zoey have been sick with a cold this week - so it was inevitable that I would come down with it, but I was still bummed nonetheless), and I logged on to check my email and do my little routine search of interests and discovered this. I am seriously and completely overwhelmed. Out of 1,298 comments I get chosen for the kit/class giveaway? Wow...and from Ali Edwards? Wow times two...but beyond all that, I am so excited to just be a part of what Ali is doing for her son, having been able to watch the journey transpire and see the momentum of it and all for this awesome thing creating awareness of autism has been an incredibly empowering experience and, (just one more here), WOW is she is really bringing a lot of people together. What an awesome community of support, it so cool to be a part of that. To donate to this cause and to help Ali reach her goal please visit her blog or see post below. There are only a couple of days left!
diane said...

awesome. will you take pictures of the kit when it arrives. I would love to see what is in it. That is so fun!

Anne Thompson said...

Yaaay you! That is so crazy that you got picked! There were a lot of comments! That is so much fun for ya! Hope you have lots of fun playing! You'll have to show some of your creations! Anne

karin said...

Hi Jen,
i am so happy that you bought the Every Day Life Bible, my prayer is that you will be bless by this Bible as i am.
Congrats on being picked, shows you, right place, right time they say!
The cats on my mini album is postcards that i scanned and then printed on transparency, love to do that.
take care

Gigi said...

i saw that you won & went "hey...that is the jennifer davis from the art journal challenge jen! hooray!!!"

so psyched for you! & for ali & for the kids that will get so much help from this....yeah!!! very cool!!