Just Thinking

So much on my mind lately...I've recently been in touch again with the woman that I'll be teaching scrapbooking classes for this summer and after talking with her I am really excited but really am getting scared too. I had been meaning to email her to inquire about the classes that I'll be teaching and what she thinks my schedule will look like, etc., but I think that part of me was scared that she maybe forgot about offering me the job over the course of these winter months (this is the "woe is me" Jenny thinking here) and/or had found someone else (more qualified) to do it instead. That, and at the same time I was scared that she hadn't forgotten and did want me to teach classes...and I would actually have to follow through and do this AWESOME something that I LOVE to do but which terrifies me in the same moment that I'm excited in because it's the closest thing that I've done (or have been asked to do) that actually means something to me. I have never been more excited and scared in my life! Isn't there a saying that has something to do with moving forward when you're the most scared to do so, as that's when you know your closest to achieving a dream? If there is, I know that it's put much more eloquently than that, but I think I got the general idea of it anyways. There is a church down the block from our house that has a marquee billboard that they display sayings on every couple of weeks, (some cheesy and some incredibly enlightening). I pass the marquee every day on the way to the Post Office and enjoy or get a kick out of the weekly message. This week's was If You Aim for Nothing, You Will Hit It. This has been so true for me and lately I am realizing that the limitations that I have claimed as my own have too often been those that I have placed on myself. I feel that I'm involving myself in things that I enjoy and find meaning in and because of this I am getting opportunities to share more of what I love and feel passionate about. I want to rise and meet these challenges and keep growing! I'm going to keep saying "yes" and really get the most out of this opportunity this summer...experience is growth after all and growth is always a good thing.

And then this morning I discovered that my Easter layout is featured on the Designer Notes website as the Designer Layout of the Month! :) Maybe I can do this.
Misty said...

YOU CAN DO IT! I SO know what you mean. I put so much weight on everything being so perfect that I stress myself out and get nothing done. When I am like - I'll just make a page - no big deal - it turns out great. Overcome the fear one page at a time! God Bless!!