Random Things of Little Interest


This is Zoey's igloo made with love by her Papa. Zoey also has about three tunnels and a flight of (snow) steps leading up to where we park the car and an additional snow fort strategically placed in the middle of all the tunnels in the yard, (in case the igloo isn't the place to be I'm guessing). Sometimes snow is a good thing.
For Valentines Day I got Ethan the dvd, The Office and we've been watching it almost every other night...I could watch these episodes over and over again, (and I'm not a big fan of t.v.), they are that funny. Last night we watched the episode that this happens in. When I watch these shows I find that I'm actually holding breath when the scene includes Dwight's character, I just want to jump in the scene, take him by the shoulders and whisper "nooooooooooo"! Oh, and if I had to have a crush on a t.v. personality, it would be Jim. :)
And, to complete my random post of things not at 3pm I realized that the shirt I've been wearing all day was inside out. This, after a full day of running errands and being out and about. Have a good night everyone.
Aaron said...

Very cool! The boys would be very jealous.

sylvia said...

hey! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I like your blog. So inspiring. love your art journals. and i've been wearing t-shirts inside out all day too...