A Full Day

Yesterday we were out of the house by 9am and I met a friend and her little boy at the Raven Trail to get some hiking in with the kiddo's. We chose the mile and a half route since the little ones were along and it took us about an hour and half! Many stops of course along the way for the kids to rest and made for a really nice morning
spent outdoors. We saw two loon really close up, other than that we heard some woodpeckers and saw some squirrels, but that was about it for wildlife this time around. Had a quiet afternoon at home, I got some cards made and finished up a layout that I want to submit for publishing, Zoey and I played trains and did some watercolor painting and then it was time for Papa to come home. To add to the excitement of a very full day, we ended it with our first Hoggie Doggie's ice cream treat of the season.