A Perfect Weekend

was had here....Saturday I worked my first shift at the scrapbook store and I loooooved it! :) They have a TON of brand new product, they painted the store and rearranged and it looks fabulous and makes me all the more excited to be working there! I made displays by winding up brightly colored and patterned ribbons by the yard and placing them in huge glass jars and scattering them all over the store. I met some ladies that come in regularly to craft and use the classroom and tools, and got to know the staff a bit better, everyone was very welcoming...made me feel very good about my making the decision to work there.

Then on Sunday Zoey sang at church! We have been a bit nervous about this as we didn't even think that she would walk up to the front of the church let alone sing, but for whatever reason yesterday she woke up, we got her ready, explaining exactly what was going to happen, (or what we were hoping would happen), and once we got to the church, Ethan went in to sit down and I waited out in the lobby with all the other little kids and moms and Zoey was saying, "Go..go..go..mama!"....once the doors opened to the church she marched right up to the front of the church and said, "start the music guys!" and she SANG and DANCED!!!! We were absolutely floored! In all the practice sessions she was the one that was quiet and looking worried and for the real deal she was one of the ONLY ones that sang, (and she sang LOUD!), and she danced! At one point she turned around to face the cross that was standing behind her and she lifted up her arms and sang out to was very dramatic and so cute! The lyrics of the song were, "Our God is so big, (arms up to the sky), so big and so strong, (arms make muscles) there is nothing our God cannot do, (all the kids shake their heads no),...oooo...oooo, (monkey grunts for the oooo...ooooo and arms imitate those of a monkey!), the mountains are his, (make a point with the hands above head), the rivers are his, (wave hands like moving water), the stars are his handiwork too, (move fingers above head)", and then it repeats the first phrase. After the church service all the elderly couples came up to Zoey to congratulate her on her job well done and thanked her for the morning entertainment! :) Made us so happy! After the church service and Zoey's big debut, we had our end of the year family picnic for MOP's along with an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. Really was nice to have all the husbands get to meet each other and all the other wives, as well as have them get to know the nursery care workers. The kids had a blast and we left the picnic with one sweaty, sticky and tired little girl. Once home, Ethan replaced the storm windows with the screen windows and did other putsy little things around the house and I rearranged and cleaned my craft area, (will try to share photos of this soon, as I really like how it turned out!), and Zoey played trains. All in all it made for a pleasantly full Sunday spent with family and friends. We all felt so good at the end of the day, tired but good!
Anne Thompson said...

So glad the teaching thing went well and you enjoyed yourself!