It seems...


that when I am being the most productive, (creatively speaking), is when Zoey is as well! :) I've been working on completing the evolution album, (taught by Ali Edwards at Artistry 2007), and am really enjoying the putting together of it, almost just as much as all the personal reflecting that it requires of one to do on the different phases and stages in ones life. I really want to get it finished so that I can share here, but at the same time it's something that I'm really loving working on right now and I want to get it just the way I want it, so I'm not rushing the process. This is new for me...I'm one to want the end result a.s.a.p., sometimes forsaking quality over the end result. Learning that sometimes it takes time to make things work well, last, mean more is such a huge lesson, (for me), and I am beginning to apply it to my relationships, my daily actions, and my creative projects. It's funny how something like making a simple card, creating a scrapbook layout, a small painting or creating a mini album or journal, (or creating a recipe, writing a poem, planting a flower, etc.), can help us to learn something greater and more important about ourselves. This creating stuff is really, really, really a cool thing for so many people and in so many different ways. For me, the one thing I am loving about the creating of this evolution album is that you are essentially starting out with nothing...the act of having to paint each and every page of the album, (I've discovered that I LOVE this paint by the way!!!), and the chipboard pieces and the having to assemble the pages, building it up layer by layer is so symbolic of life and living and I am just realizing that I want to take care in this process, to not be too hasty, enjoy, remember, learn and protect so that this album will last and so this life will endure. Will share with you when I am done!

*Edited to include this:
In my original post I included a link to this girl, because I wanted to show her version of Ali's evolution album...I removed it because I wasn't sure if it was appropriate of me to share someone else's personal story, but, after sleeping on it and checking her blog again this morning, I've come to the conclusion that it's a great thing to share and that it may empower someone else to use their voice to share something equally important and realize that there is power in numbers and that there is strength in the telling of the story and that growth can come of the sharing of it.