Zoey Favorites

Lately it's been all about Thomas the Tank Engine...the moment she wakes up she gives me a kiss and says, "Good morning mama, is the sun up?" and she pops out of bed looking for Thomas and James and starts right in on a running commentary involving their adventures together. Wherever we go Thomas and James, (along with his coal tender), come along too, this can prove to be difficult at times because her hands are only so big, and trying to hold three train cars can be challenging at best...and trying to get a coat on and off or getting her in the car seat, or getting her to eat lunch or dinner without her letting go of Thomas and friend(s) is becoming somewhat challenging for a mama and papa as well! ;)
cherity said...

Sebby went through this with Gordon. He would hold him in his hand until he fell asleep and we would hear it crash on the floor. Then, in the morning he would look at his hand and get mad that Gordon was still not there. We would have to set him right on Sebby's pillow so that it would be the first thing he saw when he woke up.

We had lost Gordon shortly before Sebby's accident and so the first thing Aaron did after things settled down at the hospital was to run to the toy store and buy him a new Gordon to try and perk up Sebby.

That is a great picture of Zoey!

Molly said...

I swear we had this too. The coat reference is hilarious. We've got him trained though to drop the trains, then pick them back up. Those trains are like drugs or something for kids. who are the people who figure out what thousands of kids will not want to put down? Kind of scary if you actually think about it.

karin said...

this child, this child, she is just so cute!!!
this is the things you will remember in years to come, enjoy and cherish them, they grow-up in a moment!

diane said...

too cute! Is your sofa from Ikea? It looks a lot like our red sofa. I have a question for you about your classes you will be teaching this summer, do you mind sending me an email? reeves diane at sbc global net? I am looking forward to seeing you evolution album. What a neat process you are going through with that album.

Anne Thompson said...

Awe, she is so sweet! My girls have a Thomas train track and they love it. Reminds me that I need to get batteries for poor Thomas!