I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by the Mad Aunt to share seven random things about myself. 1. I am NOT a morning person. 2. Sometimes I dream about scrapbooking, (Ethan assures me this is fine, as he dreams of writing his novel!). 3. I LOVE small town living! 4. When pregnant, brushing my teeth made me gag! 5. Sometimes I leave the driver's seat in the car moved up on purpose after driving, (Ethan's tall...long legs...can't stand it when I leave the seat moved forward!). 6. I really, really, really miss my Dad and want him to come and visit soon! 7. I absolutely love being Zoey's mama! Okay, now I am tagging Aaron, Robin & Chad, (counting this as two!), Cherity, Diane, Anne and Esther!
Anne Thompson said...

Laughing at the car seat one! Mine is the opoosite, I'm taller than my hubby, and he always leaves the seat right up at the steering wheel! Thanx for the tag, I finished my list!

diane said...

Thanks for the tag, hope you are having a good day.

Leslie said...

the steering wheel is funny - I get a kick out of that when my husband gets into my car.

karin said...

i can see some real truths in here, lol!
take care