Growth and Goodness


Another sign that she's growing up...see that little creature there that's she's drawing? It actually looks like a little creature complete with eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth and even hair! I couldn't believe it when she called for me to look and see what she had drawn this morning. Makes me want to cry! :) I am so proud of her and all her little achievements.
I've been really taking the time to enjoy living up here the past few days, on Sunday we all went and hiked the trail around Shannon Lake. It was absolutely, positively and amazingly beautiful. The lake was crystal clear and we literally hiked around the entire lake, so quiet, as we were the only ones there and the hiking was rough and the woods thick. Made for a really fun experience and added to the feeling of definitely being in the Northwoods!
Speaking of living in the Northwoods, yesterday at MOP's our speaker was from Trees For Tomorrow (located in Eagle River, WI) and she spoke about all the wildlife that is essentially living right here along with us, (it's so easy to forget this living day to day life!). It was so interesting to hear her talk about the black bears, wolves, coyote and fox in the area. I'm not sure that it really hit home with me that those animals are right here until yesterday when some of the other mothers started talking about the "first" time they had a black bear in their yard once moving up here! I was like, "Ummm, not sure I want a first time, thanks!" Really was interesting to hear the representative of Trees For Tomorrow speak and have that reminder of what a magical and untouched place we live in here. So special that there is this respect given to the land and the animals that inhabit it. It really is so beautiful here, I can't quite believe it sometimes.
I also received in the mail the other day an acrylic album from my friend Diane Reeves to play with! I was so excited when she wrote me to ask if I would be interested in applying my artistic abilities to one of her albums! I had to reply with a big YES! I absolutely love the album and am thinking of all the different possibilities there are to create with it. I will definitely share here what I come up with. For those that would like to check out the albums and her other acrylic products, you can view them here.
Lots and lots of goodness around me here these days...I am soaking it all up.