Spring Cards!


I've been on a creative card streak here the last couple of days or so...liking the smallness of just focusing on one little card at a time and enjoying the process of it all. I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with and am wanting to make more! I think that part of it is that I am sick of seeing all the snow out my window so I'm feeling better making "Spring-like" little goodies! Also doesn't hurt that there is a Spring card challenge being held over at Creating Pages! :) Love that site! Anyways, thought I'd share my happy little cards!
Ann said...

Wow! Beautiful cards!

What wonderful treasures to share with others!


Vibeche Bergqvist Ellingsen said...

I have to say it to: Wow.
I love your cards, they are so beautiful :)

Gigi said...

i LOVE these cards!!! espec. the pretty!!