I often wonder things about others, (strangers and those that are familiar), as I am sure we all do, but recently I am finding that I have to mentally stop myself from asking things outright as they could potentially be taken as too personal or, quite frankly none of my business. I find myself wanting to know if people are happy, really happy. I wonder what is it that they and their loved ones do together at home and/or after their day of work is done? If I know them, I may wonder do they think of me, and if so, what do they think? Are they fulfilled in their relationships? Do they have the answer to the secret that is living life to the fullest? Are they listening to their dream? Have they held on to it? Have they ever come to know it? Are they paying attention to the time spent living their life each and every day or are they just going through the day, minutes ticked off and away and punched in to the time clock only to wake up to go on to the next? Do they think there is something more? Do they want something more?

These are questions that I ask myself often and therefore in lies part of the reason that I am probably wondering what the answers would be from others. It strikes me as absurd sometimes how we so often feel the need for pretense, for protecting an image of togetherness, control, of having all the answers. Even when asking family or friends it seems there is a measured response, the need to be careful not to reveal too much or be left too exposed. I am the same way when met with inquiry, after all, I do not want to be seen as vulnerable or left too exposed either...just some things I am thinking about this morning.
Molly said...

You really are interesting to read. So random, and thoughtful, in the same moment. So real, yet so eloquent. It's really refreshing, and really interesting. Your blog is great (I found you through Cherity and Robin)
Please keep it up. I'm really enjoying it. And often think all of those things too. (or something other totally personal yet completely intriguing question)