First Pub in Print!

Today was quite exciting for started with me working on the newsletter for my local scrapbook store and shortly after I had started working on it I got a call from one of the girls that I work with saying that she and the other gal working were looking at the latest issue of Memory Makers Magazine and that my layout was in the Inspiration Gallery section! I didn't even realize that it was out yet! I stopped what I was doing and of course ran right over and checked it out for myself! I was, (am) super excited and the girls at the shop are really making me feel like a superstar...they are the best! =) Also, my Mom and Dad went all over looking for the August/September issue, (that's the one it's in), and it's not out yet where they live yet, but it makes me so happy that they are that excited and proud of me too! Guess you never get too old for seeking your parents approval eh? Overall, a really exciting day!
diane said...

Congrats! That is so exciting!

Barb said...

That is so stinkin cool! Congrats, Jen.