Things Here...

We've been visiting with Ethan's family the last few days as they have been staying at the cottage in Lake George. Here is a new favorite picture of Ethan and I that his sister Serena took. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks Serena for taking it!!! Really means alot to have this picture of us. It was actually taken at Clear Lake, a beach that we take Zoey to often to swim and play and wanted to share the place with Ethan's family as well. Been having so much fun at the cottage, more trips to Hoggie Doggie's were had and some dinners out with Grandma and Auntie and along with time spent just playing together it is all good. Lots of fun photos were taken, here are a few of my favorites... P.S. If I owe people a phone call, (Jo!) or an email, (Cherity!) I apologize and will be in touch soon, we've just been so busy with family visiting and me with work stuff that I haven't been able to keep up.