Pretty in Pink!


While visiting with my in-law's last weekend, (which included a birthday celebration for Zoey of course!), Zoey and I had a chance to have a little "girl-time" with Grannie Annie and Aunt Serena. Just had to share our pretty in pink toes with all of blogger-land! And I don't think that my MIL or SIL will be too terribly upset with me as though I did disclose names, I didn't attach the names to any given pair of feet! ;)

Ann said...

Good Morning!

A fun, creative photo, Jen! A good, good girl time shared! Wonderful memories abound and bring smiles and giggles to my day!

Thanks for sharing the photo!

Ann xo :-)

Tammy said...

Whooo hooo great pic!

Barb said...

That picture is so fun!
Might just be perfect for this month's Cocoa Daisy Kit.