Zoey turned three. I've been thinking back on the day of her birth and all the days that followed...I am so thankful to the nurse that we ended up having in the hospital for her delivery, really made the experience a good one. She supported my choice for a natural childbirth and was an advocate for me in so many ways and therefore I feel that I am blessed with fond memories of the whole delivery process, the moment that she came into this world is vivid and embedded in my mind and heart forever. I remember driving home from the hospital with her, it was raining...and quiet, Ethan and I were so nervous. There was a part of me that was pretty much in awe that people, adults mind you, were actually letting us take home this little person to take care of, (forgetting, that we were actually adults as well and her parents nonetheless). I am thankful to our parents for giving us space and letting us find our own way, (for the most part!), to be the kind of parents to Zoey that we felt would work best for us and our new little family. I recall how when her umbilical cord fell off, Ethan gasped and in a panicky voice asked, "Is this supposed to do this?!?!" All those nights, (and days), of endless rocking and singing and nursing. All the worries and what if's...and now she is three. She is now making choices, learning from her successes and mistakes, gaining independence and becoming her own little person more and more each day. There is not a day that goes by that I do not realize what a gift she is to me and what a blessing she is to our family. Her little spunky persona is all hers and I love seeing what it is that she will do next and I love hearing what important something(s) she has to share with me. I love her so very much. May God bless you and keep you safe Zoey Raen. I love you forever, Mama Jenny.
Ann said...

Jen, Wow! A beautiful recollection of Zoey beginning her life with you and Ethan. Zoey has touched so many lives with her
smile, her creativity, her silly moments, and her love. As you noted, how very blessed we all are to have Zoey in our lives!

Ann xo ;-)