summer! It's official here, we took Papa to work this morning as it's the beginning of the in-service days for the high school here. Little sad for us this morning but exciting as well. It means Fall, (my favorite season) is fast approaching, football games, cool days perfect for playing hard outdoors, MOPS group meetings, more time for me to play with Zoey as well as more time for me to scrap, library story hour starts again soon, music garden, baking, apple picking, pumpkins...I could go on and on. Love it!

This year for our fundraiser for MOPS we have asked a photographer from Menasha, Wisconsin to come and provide a photo shoot for people to get vintage inspired photos taken of their children. Since I work at the local scrapbook store I prepared a layout featuring one of the photographer's photos to help get the word out about the upcoming fundraiser (it was displayed in the store and on the Baker's Wife Blog) and since have been asked to provide the layout for the photographer's business website for advertising purposes! You can view it here. It's the last one on the page listed as provided by The Baker's Wife. Pretty fun to see something that I made on their site!
I'm juggling quite a few projects right now, but am finding that I am enjoying all of them. Looking forward to sharing them soon.

Seems that time has been flying by here, looking forward to the possibility of things slowing down a bit here, for Zoey and I at least. Here's to the start of a new school year.
diane said...

Congrats on joining a design team! I can't wait to hear about the projects you have planned for MOPS! Hope all is well!

Barb said...

Hooray for fall--my favorite time of the year!