She's a BIG girl!

Zoey's been really timid as far as climbing monkey bars, ladders, and even attempting sets of stairs to climb...a couple days ago she and I went to the park and once there, she marched up to the ladder on the playground equipment and just zipped up to the top. No pausing, no hesitating, the whole thing took less than 10 seconds. I couldn't believe it! She was surprised a little too I think! She thinks about stuff for so long and then just decides to do it it seems...something my parents would be quick to note that another little girl once did (and still does). Before we went to the park I had been taking pictures at the store for the newsletter so I had the glad that I did so that I could capture this first on film! So proud of you Zoey Raen!

Starting up...

on the top!

Stepping over...

pure delight and a LOT a bit proud!

Happy day!

See ya!