Someone to Listen


I'm sick. Horrible head/sinus cold thing going on and feeling like I'm being a good mama has been a struggle the past few days. It is really, really hard to keep up with all the questions of "but why" and keeping things fun, interesting, educational, picking up after all the little accidents that a three year old can happen upon and still maintaining a bit of sanity throughout the day. Yesterday at one point (after laying down on Zoey's bed and getting jumped on over and over) I just sat up, got her off of me and said in a very matter-of-fact tone, "Mama's sick, I need to rest now so that I can get better and we can have fun again." Zoey then bless her little heart, quietly got off the bed, got her stack of library books and asked me if I would like her to read me a story, she was wondering if that would help me to feel better.

I said yes, that that would make me feel better. She did a fantastic, amazing, beautiful job reading those stories to me (in her very special three year old way) and while I am still incredibly sick, for that half hour I felt truly blessed and a tad bit less frazzled.

One of my favorites (and hers) that she read to me is the book In My Heart by Molly Bang. An absolute gem of a children's book this one is and would be fitting for adopted kids as well. Love the images in this book and the story is told just beautifully. After reading it, Zoey and I talk about all the people who live in our hearts and she never seems to not get a kick out of telling me who it is that lives in her heart. If you have kids, this is one that is totally worth checking out at the library. And, I guess the lesson learned from me is that sometimes I can tell her what I need and she'll listen...gotta give some credit to the little bean!
Familie Kubben said...

get well soon!! lots of love from here ;)

diane said...

UGHHH it so hard to be sick with little ones. Hang in there. I am just now getting over several weeks of sinus stuff, so I feel for you.

So sweet of Zoey to read to you!

michelle said...

It sucks to be sick, I hope you get better. Will have to check out that book, it sounds great and I think my son would love it.

Molly said...

Thanks for the recommend on the book. I'll definitely check it out (that looks like our family)