Farmer's Market

Yesterday Zoesie and I went to the Farmer's Market and picked out some pumpkins for carving. Last year (our first Halloween here) we waited too late, assuming that there would be an abundance of pumpkins here just as there were in Southern Wisconsin which was not the case. After searching out several different places we finally got the very last pumpkin in the bargain bin outside of one of the local supermarkets. Talk about depressing! It was perhaps one of the ugliest pumpkins that Ethan and I had ever seen (and Ethan likes ugly pumpkins!). It was all lopsided and bumpy, I actually took a picture of it because it was that ugly. Not wanting that to happen to us again this year, we went early and got to pick out what looked good to us. Only picked out three yesterday with the thought that we will all pick some out as a family from a patch about an hour from here on some land that one of my friend's grew up on. I love picking out pumpkins and gourds, getting mums for the yard (though the deer here eat the buds awfully fast!) and love raking the leaves (something that currently needs doing!) and making piles for Zoey to jump in. Absolutely love this season! Can't wait to carve our little beauties!
Molly said...

We joined you at our market today. It's the best time and I was so bummed we forgot our cameras because I wanted to blog about it. Made the best Chicken soup from last weeks Farmer's Market chicken and this weeks vegetables. I love harvest time too.