A Busy Week...


Last weekend Ethan surprised me by getting me the Zutter Bind-It-All machine. Holy smokes, is that ever fun! My first book was this one that I made for my little sister Bailey. Just a blank book for all those teenager thoughts and experiences that need recording! For this one I just used some chipboard for the cover, which I painted with two colors of acrylic paint, adhered some rub-ons, the flower and the painted chipboard letter with some little stickers for the center of the flower. I am loving this little machine so much and my brain is busy thinking of all the other things that I can make using it in the future. Yay! Thanks so much Ethan!
I've actually had the chance to start reading a book and am enjoying it quite a bit. A bit dark in some parts, but a good read thus far. It's titled A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans. I also have checked out from the library Lisa See's new book, Peony in Love. I loved her first book and thought I'd give her second one a chance as well.
Last week Ethan and I celebrated our four year anniversary. Lots of thinking back to our special day and lots of thought on our moving forward together in this crazy journey. Among other things we watched the movie Sweet Land last weekend. Wow! I can't remember the last time that I watched a movie and felt this good afterwards (Ethan was impressed with the movie as well). Reminded me of what is important in life, what it feels like to do the right thing and live a life that is full of honor for ourselves as well as for our neighbors. Beauty just resonated throughout the entire movie. There was a point in the movie where one of the main character's does something for the love of another that made absolutely no sense if thinking about logic and self and it was at that point that I had the strongest pull at my heart telling me (shouting at me rather) that that is how I want to live my life. From the heart. If you think about it, it's really the only thing that should make sense. This movie is one that I want to one day own and have in our personal video collection here at home and was absolutely perfect for watching together on our anniversary. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it!

This morning we had MOP'S, a pretty relaxed meeting with the local librarian (whose husband works with Ethan) speaking. Always so nice to get together with this group of ladies for two hours in the morning. Zoey had a blast as usual, she's been wearing her back-pack (thanks cousin Michelle!) every morning to the MOPPETS nursery and of course is so very important and official looking! Today they made beautiful necklaces out of noodles that they had colored last month and went out leaf collecting and made beautiful window decorations by pressing them in waxed paper and attaching colored yarn for hanging. So happy that she is getting this interaction with kids and is doing so well at it. Really helps that she has some special buddies in her group.

This afternoon is for errands and if I'm lucky, a bit of playing with Zoey in the craft room!
michelle said...

I have to get this bind-it-all. That album is so cute! Happy anniversary.

Anne Thompson said...

Happy late anniversary! We are coming up for #6 next month! How cool is that bind-it-all??!! Wow, you will have sooooo much fun! The album looks awesome!

karin said...

Oh, how good it is back in blogger land and to see the cute pics of your girl again!!! Happy anniversary, and the album is just gorgeous!!!
take care

Tobey said...

I just got the bind-it-all yesterday, I have it out of the box, but not played with it yet...(too busy at with inn stuff...*sigh*) what you did with it!! Happy Belated Anniversary too!

Pearl Maple said...

Cool mini book, great choice of color and embellishing