Christmas Program

christmas2008 002

I had forgotten all the funny little happenings that occur at these things.

christmas2008 013

Between Zoey and the little guy next to her (rolling his tie was a constant throughout the program), we were entertained to say the least. Face making, winking, little kids on the verge of tipping over...and yes, at one point my (prim and proper) daughter pulled up her dress and hiked up her sparkly, silver tights. I am just thankful that at the time that she did this she was sitting safely in the church pew.

christmas2008 007

Can't wait until next year! =)

christmas2008 038
DebW said...

Oh that frown! What a great picture! TFS!!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

hahaha- I love this cute grumpy face :-)