Creative Imaginations Holiday Project and a Guest Post

Lionel Christmas Collection

First off, I thought I'd share this fun holiday project that I did for Creative Imaginations using the Jamie 8 x 8 Ribbon Frame and the Lionel Christmas Collection of patterned papers and embellishments. I found it to be absolutely perfect for housing a special photo of Zoey playing with her trains last Christmas.

# 21630 Lionel Trees Paper
# 21632 Lionel Christmas Jumbo Cardstock Stickers
# 17084 Jamie Ribbon 8 x 8 Frame
Misc: ribbon, Modge Podge

scissors, craft knife, foam brush (for Modge Podge), hole punch, sandpaper

Apply Modge Podge to the front of the Jamie Ribbon Frame and adhere your patterned paper to the frame. Cut off excess paper from the outside of the frame using your craft knife. Do the same very carefully to the center of your frame (where your photo will go). Sand all edges to make smooth using your sandpaper or other sanding tool. Using your fingers to tell where the holes are along the top of the frame, punch through the paper with your hole punch and then tie lengths of ribbon through all the holes along the top of your frame. Adhere your sticker(s) to frame and choose a favorite photo and you are done!

On another note, a while back I received an email from Kelly Kilpatrick (writer and contributor to the site Art Career, the complete online resource for careers in the visual arts) asking if I accepted articles for my blog and while I haven't thus far, I shared that she was more than welcome to write something for me to read over and possibly publish...she did and I am happy to share her article with you today as the timing couldn't be more perfect with the holidays quickly approaching and with my current theme of loving all things handmade and gifts that are given from one's heart.

Giving the Gift of Art

As we rapidly approach the holidays, gift giving and the pressure of finding the right thing to give to friends and family grows exponentially. Each year, the expectations seem to rise, and we sometimes feel that we must make up for our deficiencies by giving expensive gifts and frivolous items we would usually scoff at.

The holiday season seems to do this to many people, but you don’t have to fall prey to this vicious cycle. Sure, there are many affordable and useful gifts out there that you can purchase and give to those you care about.

Wouldn’t it be better, though, to give a gift that truly comes from you heart? Giving the gift of art can be one of the greatest ways to show just how much you care. And, there are several benefits of giving art as a gift as well.

Tap Into Your Creativity

Creating art requires that you look inside yourself and your experiences in order to make something new, fresh, and unique. If you haven’t been in touch with this part of yourself for a while, it may feel foreign, but it’s like riding a bike. Create something for your loved ones that will resonate with their personality as well as yours. It makes for a strong connection and is far more valuable than anything you can pick up at a store.

Art is a Great Outlet

Art and its creation are great stress reducers and help you to channel your unbridled energy into something creative. Especially if you feel like the world is passing you by and you just can’t keep up, take some time to get lost in your work. Retreating into your creativity just feels right sometimes.

Productive Use of Time and Energy

Spending time creating things is a great use of your time and energy in which you have a finished product at the end of your endeavors. This brings feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment that few other activities can even compare to.

Personal Touch

Especially when giving art as a gift, there is a personal connection between you and the receiver. Art is something in which all parties bring something to the piece, whether you are working on it or appreciating it. You truly are giving people a little bit of yourself when you give them art as a gift.

This post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of online art schools. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24 at gmail dot com.
Lorrie said...

gorgeous frame!!!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Cute frame Jen! I love Kelly's points. Sometimes I think we lose touch with where we started. Thanks for sharing that.

Linda Beeson said...

Wow, your frame turned out adorable and what great paper for it!

DebW said...

Great LO and a great article that fosters creativity. Two thumbs up Jen & Kelly!

Amy said...

I am loving that color combo!