Wisconsin Public Radio

Just had to share that I called in this morning to Joy Cardin's show on Wisconsin Public Radio and got on! The guest speaker was Barbara Graham, one of the author's (and editor) of the book titled Eye of My Heart. The program was exploring the myths, stereotypes, and the emotions of being a Grandmother in today's world and they wanted callers to call in that were either grandparents themselves or grandchildren and share stories on being either. I called in and talked about my grandmother (my mom's mom) and how she has been such a strong role model to me now that I am an adult and how I thought that I was almost able to "hear" her life lessons better or they come across as stronger through shared stories or memories that have been passed down from her or others rather than if they had from my mom. I think the dynamic between a mother and daughter is sometimes different than that between a grandparent and grandchild once the grandchild is older...some of the pre-tense may be gone, not sure what it is exactly...perhaps it's the wisdom of having lived through so much and having gained a sense of what it is that is really imporant or perhaps it's just that parents are hard on their kids and kids are hard on their parents! Whatever it was a really interesting and touching hour of programming, I'm so glad that I got to call in and actually got on. I got a good chuckle out of both Joy and Barbara when I shared that I admired that my grandmother created beautiful quilts and elaborate wedding cakes and then would hop across the road and ride a four wheeler to chase her neighbors buffalo into the appropriate fields when they got out (which was more often than you might think). She's a survivor of two husbands and she's even lived beyond some of her children, she is just an amazing individual all around. Smart as a whip and the hardest working woman I have ever known. So blessed to have her in my life and have her as someone that I can look up to.
Anonymous said...

Well said! I was blessed to have 2 wonderful grandmothers, although one has gone to be with her Heavenly father for a few years now...their impact will forever remain with me!

Cristy said...

Hi Jen,

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful woman in your life!

Vicky said...

I loved my Granny Nellie and my Grandma Ada. You're right there is a special and different bond with these women than we have with our mothers. I use to sneak (she knew I'm sure) into Granny's bedroom to look in her jewelry drawer at all her beads and things :) And at Grandma's house there was always coffee on and something baking in the oven, Yum!