Workshop Re-Cap

The Introduction to Scrapbooking workshop turned out just great, but I have to share a little something else here first...when I went to pick up my girlfriend who would be helping me at the workshop for the afternoon (and when I mean help, I mean help, she was totally my "go to" girl and her husband was even in on the helping as he was in charge of the kids for the afternoon. Needless to say they both did an exceptional job and I am so very thankful for their support) anyways...back to the story:

she presented me with a little box which had this in it:


Just a little something that she had been working on for me...she is so darn thoughtful and sweet, isn't it just beautiful? I teared up right then and there, thank you so much Misty! I am so lucky to have this special and talented lady in my life...she's someone that totally get's "me" and my silly endeavors and my not so silly (to me) dreams.

Anyways, the turnout for the workshop was right about what we were thinking to expect for a tuesday afternoon...I prepared enough projects for 30 people and we had about 20 which ended up being quite perfect as there were projects enough for the library staff and of course my friend Misty. I started out a bit nervous and then once people started asking questions I slowed down and got more comfortable and truly enjoyed myself. It helped that there were a couple of familiar faces in the crowd and that everyone was just so nice! You gotta love scrapbookers!

Introduction to Scrapbooking Workshop

I didn't think to have someone take my camera while I was speaking so I just have a couple of shots that I took after most of the people were done with their projects and/or up and about milling around.

Introduction to Scrapbooking Workshop

Such a great and diverse group...I am so excited to see more of these ladies at my local scrapbook store and around the community.

Introduction to Scrapbooking Workshop

I was asked to do another workshop this coming fall in Mercer, Wisconsin by a woman who has a group of ladies that meet regularily to scrapbook and also will be doing a Scapbooking for Kids workshop this summer for the Manitowish Waters Frank B. Koller Memorial Library.

Thank you to everyone that attended and thank you to Janelle Kohl (the lead librarian) and Donna Fowler (the librarian's assistant) who invited me to their adult library program's agenda of events this spring!
vtpuggirl said...

Looks like fun! Your necklace is so beautiful, what a thoughtful friend!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I love that it went well for you and the necklace is just beautiful! What a wonderful and thoughtful friend!

Linda Beeson said...

That does sound like a good group to work with, glad it went well and that you had reliable help. LOVE that necklace - truly wonderful.

Nathalie Kalbach said...

what a wonderful necklace. And your workshops look amazing!!

Vicky said...

Jen, you did a wonderful job! Several people commented afterwards on how much they learned, having a fun time and they just loved you :) The project was perfect (door prizes were great too). Misty was a super helper and her gift to you is beautiful!