Handmade Fleece Hat and Scarf

Fleece Hat and Scarf

This is a super fun and easy craft project just using fleece! We made these during our last MOPS meeting and I am in love with this little project. For the version of the project that we made in our meeting we didn't even need to place of the stitching we simply punched holes up either side of our hat after folding our fleece from left to right (along one edge that was folded and the other two stacked pieces of fleece) and threaded a 1 inch strip of fleece that we cut through the holes and knotted at either end to secure (trimming ends).

Here is a diagram and version of the project using some simple sewing:

Cut fleece to 16" x 21" so it stretches the long way. Fold in half with right sides together. Stitch along the short ends to make a tube that will fit over your head. Leave the last 4" unstitched. This will become part of your fringe. Cut 4" slits every 3/4" along this end. Turn right-side out.

Cut a piece of scrap to 1" x 8". Gather fringes and tie tightly with scrap. Roll bottom up twice to make band.
Pamela said...

So cute! I love these! Sounds easy too!

Anonymous said...

i just have to make these for my nieces! too cute, anne