It Was a Snowy Sunday...

A Snowy Sunday

which meant only one opportunity for building a snowman! It was the perfect packing snow so we were sure to take advantage of what the day brought to us and we built a perfect little snow friend who now sits smiling at us in the front yard. We had none of the traditional makings for a face so we used prunes for the eyes, a candy cane for the nose and some filberts for the mouth! =)

A Snowy Sunday

I love the picture above and how it looks like she's in deep conversation with her new little friend.

A Snowy Sunday

A Snowy Sunday

Do you see the little patch on her snowpants? At school the kids slide over and over on a little hill at recess and they are always on their knees...hence the blown out knee...(sigh). At least I know she's having fun playing!

A Snowy Sunday


A Snowy Sunday

We went out for lunch today with some new friends and really enjoyed ourselves and then came home to spend the afternoon outside playing in the snow. When Zoey and I came in we were completely soaked as it was the super heavy and wet snow. This evening Zoey and I practiced passing the basketball (something they are doing in gym that she wants to feel more confident at) and of course football was on (have to say I'm glad that the Saints beat the Vikings!). A wonderful snowy Sunday and the perfect end to the weekend!
Kathryn said...

The snowman looks great and looks like she had a fun time making him. The shot of her kissing him is priceless.

Jill said...

SO cute! Could you possibly share with me where the adorable gray hat came from??

Tobey said...

OH how fun!! I used to love going out and making a snowman!!!! Zoey is so adorable, have fun scrapping these wonderful memories for her book!!

Jennifer Davis said...

Jill, so sorry, but I don't know where the hat came was a gift that Zoey got from someone over Christmas.

Vicky said...

Beautiful post. Ya'll's snowman is so cute and lifelike ;) Glad you had a good time. And yes! the Saints won :)

Unknown said...

very good snow friend and love yr daughters hat!

Unknown said...

Great photos. So crisp. Love that candy cane nose! We always have a million left over. Too bad the snow melted here.

Patty S said...

aw such a cute, creative snowbuddy. look at all that snow you have! holy smokes! enjoy it!
hugs, patty ;-)