Valentine Clothespin Clip Magnets

Valentine Clothespin Clip Magnets

The other day while in a department store I picked up a plastic container of some foam adhesive backed hearts (similar to these) that were in various different sizes and colors thinking it would be a fun little surprise for Zoey and that we'd figure something out to do with them eventually. Well, today was an early release day from school for Zoey so we tackled the project head on after lunch and came up with these adorable (and easy to make!!) Valentine Clothespin Clippies that she will be giving away to her classmates for Valentine's Day this year. We're going to clip her valentine cards in the clothespin and write, "[Child's name], I'm stuck on you!" because they are magnets...hee..hee! I was thrilled when I came up with this little phrase, though after sharing my idea with Ethan I am now sure that this isn't an entirely new the time though I thought I was simply brilliant! =) I do have to thank my friend Genea for pointing me in the direction of this post by Homebased Mom. It definitely got me thinking in the right direction for this project!

Valentine Clothespin Clip Magnets

Supplies Needed:

foam adhesive backed heart stickers (or you could cut out your own hearts)
permanent black marker (for the smile)
mini colored craft balls (for the noses)
googly eyes
glue dots or hot glue gun (we used glue dots so that Zoey could help with this part)
scalloped heart punch (I used the one by Marvey Uchida)
cardstock (for the scalloped heart)
roll of adhesive backed magnets
pretty patterned paper
craft knife
adhesive of choice


Put adhesive on one side of your clothespin and put face down on your patterned paper (wrong side up) and cut out with your craft knife. Decorate your foam heart faces with googly eyes, mini cotton craft balls and permanent marker. Punch out scalloped hearts and adhere your foam hearts to the scalloped hearts. Apply a bit of adhesive to the top portion of your clothespin and adhere your heart to the clothespin. Cut your magnetic strip to size and attach to the back of your clothespin. Now have fun writing out your valentine's and clip them in your special one-of-a-kind Valentine Clothespin Clippie Magnet!
Unknown said...

now aren't those adorable -- love them!

Tobey said...

AWWWW!!! These are adorable, have to think of who i could make these for!!! Too cute!!!

Marianna said...

These are great! what a cute and functional idea for kids valentines gift. Love it! Thanks for sharing :o)


Sarah said...

Those are so cute! I have to remember this idea!

Anonymous said...


I'll have to do those for one of our teen-crops!

Pamela said...

These are so cute!!!!! I may have to give them a try.

Vicky said...

So Cute :) sounds like a fun day!

Patty S said...

love them - so cute! :-)

Marlene said...

These are adorable!

Linda Beeson said...

Oh how cute and even cuter when pictured all together like that.

DebW said...

too cute Jen!

scrappermimi said...

These are the cutest little valentines ever!

Craftzilla said...

Too cute! I'll be adding these to my February crafts list! said...

Aww, these are so cute! Thanks so much for adding them to the One Pretty Thing Flickr Pool. I'll be linking.

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