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She was asking me how to spell "princess" the other day and now I know why. I am told that the "W's" in the corners of her picture are for "Wisconsin." There's a picture of Ethan and I and then of the Princess Zoey and of course the castle that we all live in and call home.


This sealed envelope came home in her backpack earlier this week...


this was what was inside. She rotates through stations throughout the week in her classroom and one of them this week was one where they used stencils of different letters of the alphabet. Just another way to reinforce what the letters look like.

Around here lately she's been enjoying making beaded necklaces for herself as well as for friends. I remember it was about this time last year that I was stressing out because I was concerned about her fine motor skills and this was one of the recommended projects to help with that. Now she's beading like a pro.


Just some little bits from the week!
Unknown said...

How sweet are these??? Love, love, love!

Anonymous said...

how special Jen! I love all the 'everyday' moments that you share, that someday you will look back on and be glad that you documented them!

Patty said...

I always loved the pictures that the kids drew for me when they were young. So precious!

Patty S said...

i love children's art work.
it is so honest and full of their spirit.
tfs your treasures!