Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

It's been a fun Friday night here for Zoey...she had a special playdate with a friend which started right after school and lasted almost right up until bedtime! Pretty darn exciting for all of us!

The girls started out by rummaging through Zoey's dress-up box and changing into something a little more comfortable and then settling in to playing with Barbies.

Friday Playdate

After playing Barbies, the girls snacked on some grapes and were working quite intently in Zoey's room at coloring some pictures of princesses...there was another change of clothing that took place in-between playing Barbies and coloring it would seem.

Friday Playdate

Friday Playdate

After coloring there was a short "jam" session where Ruby played keyboard and "the leopard in the house" danced like only a five year old would know how.

Friday Playdate

After expending all that energy it only made sense to take a break for some pink milk (served in cowgirl boot glasses) and cheese pizza.

Friday Playdate

Friday Playdate

And what's a Friday night without a movie...Scooby-Doo was the choice of the evening. Complete with strawberry swirled ice cream cones.

Friday Playdate

Zoey had so much fun and is sleeping soundly as I sit here typing. =)
Sarah said...

What sweet fun!

Anonymous said...

So sweet!

Vicky said...

A few hours of jamb-packed Fun! Oh, to be young again :)

Micaela said...

Makes me wish I was a little girl again, what fun!

Patty said...

They are both so adorable!

Patty S said...

great capture! ;-)