Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!


[Four generations of family.]

My Grandma turned 90 years old yesterday. She is hands down the most amazing woman that I have ever known. I am so thankful for all the memories, the stories and the wisdom that has been passed down to me from this woman. One of the most amazing things that I often think about when I think of her is how she was raised by only her father and on a farm out in a very rural area in the country in south central Wisconsin...and how she is the absolute definition of what it is to be a successful home-maker and what it is and takes to raise a beautiful family. She has done so much in this life and if anything, I want to just attempt to follow in her footsteps and in doing just that I know that I will have lived a full life.

Here is a picture of the latest quilt that she made for me...this one was my Christmas gift from this year. Including the baby quilts that she made for me many, many, many, years ago I think I own at least seven handmade quilts of hers. These are the most treasured gifts...they are beautiful, handmade, meaningful, practical and used! I hope that one day I will be able to pass these on to Zoey and her family.


I miss you Grandma and wish I could be there with you to give you a BIG hug...I love you to pieces! Happy Birthday!

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Patty S said...

beautiful lady - beautiful quilt!
happy birthday to grandma! :-)

Tobey said...

What a wonderful family heritage you have!!! And a GORGEOUS quilt that she made for you! What a treasure she is. I love that you wrote that you love her to pieces, appropriate for a quilter!

Unknown said...

Oh You lucky thing what a supper Grandmother I love the quilts they truly are a labour of love and whaTS MORE you know just how lucky your are

Love Dawn xx

Vicky said...

Happy 90th to Grandma! How wonderful to have that special relationship with her. You know, you have her smile :)

Diana Waite said...

that quilt is AMAZING!! happy birthday grandma!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful quilt, and a beautiful gift to be passed on.

Chris said...

You are one lucky Granddaughter. Beautiful quilt.

Patty said...

I love that quilt! It's gorgeous!

Tracy said...

You are so lucky.

I lost both my grandmothers to early. I didn't even get to meet one of them as she passed when my mom was 15.

She is so talented, that is a beautiful quilt.