Valentine Pops!

Valentine Pops!

Just thought I'd quick share an easy little valentine crafty treat that I came up with. I actually made these up for a make-n-take for my local scrapbook store to feature for this month...all you need are some scalloped circles, plain circles and some hearts...once those are cut you just adhere them to the tops and bottoms of a flat sucker and your set!

I haven't been feeling the best here the past couple of days...started out with a sore throat and then yesterday I was in bed by dinner time and slept right on through until morning with the chills and body aches, etc. Today the chills and aches were gone but I still had no appetite whatsoever and just didn't feel "good." Hoping this bug decides to move on fast because everyone knows that the mama in the house just cannot get sick! I have to admit though, it was kinda sweet overhearing Zoey last night telling Ethan what he needed to do to get her lunch packed the correct way. She told him that mama packs "love" in her lunchbox and that he needed to do that too. This morning I was smiling even more when I found a little picture in her lunchbox that he had drawn of him and her (stick people) with hearts on it. Sometimes despite it all, things seem just right.

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Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better soon!!!

Those suckers are adorable! You have the best ideas! Zoey is lucky to have you for a mom.

Marlene said...

Get well! Grab one of those suckers you just decorated... soothe that sore throat. :)

Diana Waite said...

These are so cute! Sorry you have the yucks, hope you are feeling better soon! So fun about the note, my hubby took the kids to the bus for me yesterday. I haven't felt well myself.....

Ellen Porter said...

Love your Valentine suckers!

Thank you for visiting my Blog the other day and commenting on my card.

Hope you are feeling better now.

Patty S said...

aw what a sweet zoe story!
sorry to hear you're not quite 'right'. and i agree - mommas just should not be allowed to get sick. we do too much to run the household and it puts a major wrench in the works when we're down and out!
get better SOON! :-)

Vicky said...

Hope you're feeling lots better now :) Love the suckers :)