I've Been on the Lookout...

for an alarm clock for Zoey's bedroom. I wanted one that had hands (to help reinforce learning how to tell time) and one that was somewhat "girly" because she likes "girly" right now. Amazingly enough, it's pretty hard to find a good quality alarm clock using just those two specifications. I did happen to stumble upon some pretty cool lights though like this one in the children's lighting section of

Children's One Light Halogen Clock in Hot Pink

How perfect is this combo? Hot pink, alarm clock with hands and a lamp to boot! Yay! While checking this out I started looking at some of the other light fixtures that they have in stock and found several other cute possibilities just in their children's lighting department.

Check out these cuties...this one isn't pink but I still think it would fit the bill.

Dexter the Dog Lamp

Here is a classic Hello Kitty lamp (which I would have loved when I was little...I was a huge Hello Kitty fan).

Hello Kitty and Puppy Lamp w/Shade

This one is just plain sweet...

Tivoli Garden Lamp w/Shade

If it was up to her though she would probably have a bedroom with a light fixture like this:

Light Flower Garden Chandelier

Probably should stick with the practical alarm clock/lamp option for now though...


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Vicky said...

That's an adorable clock & lamp combo! Just love all the pink lamps but of course, the chandelier is my favorite...I love sparkle :)