She's in First Grade!

Last night before bed and this morning at breakfast there were some worries and some moments where she was close to tears about going back to school...all that new stuff to think about like her new teacher and lining up at a different door at recess and not knowing everyone in her class, etc.  I have to say that I was a bit nervous myself for her and then we get to school this morning and we round the corner to the playground and she's off like a rocket leaving me in the dust (with many other parents just standing around trying not to look too sad).  Makes my heart so happy that her school year is off to such a great start already!

Back to School!

You can kind of tell in the pictures above that she was a little bit nervous before school and then at some point she got pretty tired of mom snapping pictures (see below). Enough already!

First Day of First Grade - 2010

Hope the rest of the week goes just as well as today did!
Unknown said...

So so cute! Hope the day went well. Love how little girls actually care about what they are wearing on the first day. First day with boys is a bit of a fashion letdown for me. LOL!

Deanna Dark said...

So glad the first day jitters are over for you both. Zoey is such a beautiful little girl, just like her mama. Miss you already at work, but so glad you have a new "path" in life to explore!

Unknown said...

awe she looks like mine - anxious/excited - if there is even such a thing? She is a doll!

Sarah said...

Yeah for Zoey! I hope she has a wonderful year in first grade!

Patty said...

Beautiful pictures! I really love that last one :) Let's all get together again soon!!