Beautiful Girl of Mine

We headed out to the beach in search of fairies.  The best way to find fairies is to build them a home and so that is what we did...we spent the better half of the late morning gathering supplies and building.

Working on the Fairy House

The weather was cool but the sun was shining, perfect for enjoying this whole process of hunting, gathering and building.  I love the change of seasons so much, it's one of the reasons that I love living in Wisconsin so much.

Getting supplies for the fairy house

So many treasures were found today.  Many beautiful rocks and smooth stones.  Pine boughs that were made into brooms.  Pine cones which of course served as trees around the fairy home. We found shells, one of which we filled with water for a sink for the fairies (Zoey's idea). 

Fairy House Building

And then when we were approaching our finished task of building what lands on my shoulder?  A fairy!  Zoey informed me that this one flew from a very far place because it had so many white tufts of silk on it.

Found a Fairy!

This is an island that the water fairies visit.


And here is the finished fairy house.

Fairy House

I do have to say that the building of the fairy house came to quite an abrupt halt this time around...we were intently working on our house when all of a sudden a field mouse came running full tilt into our fairy house from the tree roots that you see behind the fairy house!  I was sitting on a rock and quite nearly fell off and rolled into the water behind me!  Zoey's reaction was just the opposite...she wanted to catch the mouse and hold it!!!!!  Needless to say, she did no such thing and we switched over to building a fairy house for the water fairies! :)

Zoesie and Mama

It was a wonderful and beautiful day with my Zoesie...I love these little pockets of memories that we take the time to create.  It is what carries me through and makes me know without a doubt that I am here for a reason.  That everything else is all worth it.

Zoesie and Mama

Zoesie and Mama

Thank you Zoey for being you and for filling my heart with goodness and joy.

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Unknown said...

I see architectural design in Zoey's future or maybe a vet. Love building fairy dwellings.

Sarah said...

This is such a sweet post! I love that Zoey loves fairies. You both will have such wonderful memories of these times.

Stacy Milford said...

TOTALLY adorable photos Jenn...esp. the ones of you & Zoey @ the end! Hope all is well :o)

Unknown said...

So cute! Such a great idea too.

Vicky said...

Such a beautiful day for you both! TFS :)

Cathy @ NurtureStore said...

This sounds like the perfect kind of day my girls would love - and they would have tried to catch the mouse too! Thank you for adding the Play Academy badge to your blog - I hope you'll come and link with us on Friday. Cathy :)