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I am so proud of Zoey and how hard she is working every day on her spelling words for her first grade spelling tests. Her enthusiasm for practicing each and every night makes me hopeful that we are setting her up for a successful learning environment and her attitude so far would suggest just that. We have incorporated so many resources to ensure that it's fun to study and that it's varied. I have made flashcard puzzles so she can "build" the word with letter chunks, Ethan's downloaded several app's onto his iPod for her to use, her favorites being Word World and Montessori Crosswords (love this one!).  I also plug her spelling list onto Spelling City's website and from there we can play games using her spelling words, learn the words and their meanings and get tested all online while getting keyboarding practice as well.  You also have the option for several of the activities to print out a worksheet which is just another way to learn.  I found this site just the other night and was tickled!  Who knew learning could be so much fun!

I am humbled by people's kindness over and over again.  The other day we stopped at Walgreen's for a little treat for Zoey to pick out (a little reward for a great spelling test) and a woman walked down the aisle and asked if  we could use a $3 off coupon on our purchase...she wasn't going to use it and wanted to share it with us!  Such a nice little gesture of kindness.  Then while standing in line at a bakery over the weekend with my hands full and Zoey in tow, a man let us go ahead of him and his family at the beginning of the line, just because.  Then yesterday at church an older woman came up to me and told me that I was "just beautiful" which made my heart smile and added a little bounce to my step for the rest of the day.  All those little things have served as reminders to me to try to pass along the goodness in similar small ways so that I can hopefully touch someone else and make a difference in their day.

I am struck with thankfulness when I look at my relationships with friends.  I am blessed to have a handful of really true blue friends that come through for me when it's needed and I hope that they know that I truly value them and what they contribute to my life and well-being.  Being a mom means supporting others more often than not but it also means being supported by others and sometimes that latter part gets pushed to the side.  Just am thankful this week for those friends that have lifted me up when I've needed it.

I'm really appreciating my new job and the schedule that I have because of it.  I am free to spend time with my family on the weekends now and it's made such a big difference in everyone it seems!  Ethan is more relaxed, Zoey is happier to have me home when she is home and I am loving getting to be there for my family and for getting some time away to work and feel validated outside of the home for a bit at the same time.  It's been a really good change for all of us so far.  And so far I've been able to keep up with my creative endeavors as well which makes me feel good too.  I've struck a balance that's working it seems, which for me I've found is so very important to strive for.

I'm now gearing up for some holiday creating and's crazy how fast it sneaks up on me.  I'm determined to get ahead of the game and start in on things early this year.  Or at least plan out some things in advance.  We'll see how it goes! 

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Anonymous said...

sounds like everything is going so well for you now, don't you love when that happens!!


Unknown said...

Love love love this post, Jen. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful and glad for the small things too. Too often I let the little yucky things ruin my day. But I should be concentrating on the GOOD things instead.

Vicky said...

Jennifer, I am so blessed to know you! Thank you for letting us in on your life, it's a blessing to see you grow in all helps me too :) I am so happy for you in your new job! What a bold step you took, very brave. Can hardly wait to see some of your holiday creations!

Jennifer Davis said...

Thank you Vicky! You warm my heart!! :)