Spring Ballet Recital 2011


Zoey's Spring Recital was this weekend for ballet.  Her dance this year was the Swan Lake Waltz.  The costumes this year, while cute, were extremely itchy.  It was a pretty long weekend truth be told (rehearsal was Friday night with two performances on Saturday) but it was still worth it.  The girls were just adorable and they were so fun to watch.  This is Zoey's third year of's kind of hard to believe.


It's something that I hope she continues to love and enjoy doing.  At this point in time she has shared with me numerous times that she wants to be a dance teacher when she grows up.  She gets up on that stage and just beams from the inside out.



I had to get a close-up of "the hair" of course.


Here she is with some friends (their dance was from the Princess and the Frog).




Here she is with another dance friend who is also a classmate at school.


In-between shows I had just enough time to take her out for a bite to eat before she had to dance again for the evening performance.  I took her out for chinese and she was being a ham as you can see.




And here she is again...Zoey the ballerina.



We're all recovering from all the excitement here now and am sure will be ready for it to happen all over again when next year's dance season rolls around.
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Vicky said...

3 years already! Wow! that is great! She looks so confident on stage and beautiful :)

Diana Waite said...

I LOVE these shots!! I think of you everytime I go to a band concert! :) What lens and setting do you have it on to get such GREAT shots?! I'm a newbie from Christmas to the SLR world....THX Jen!

Kristi B said...

she looks like a natural!

Patty said...

Gorgeous photos Jen!