A New Addition to the Family


Ethan's parents were here last weekend for Zoey's ballet recital and they brought with them a very special Christmas present for Zoey (we were unable to get together due to illness in the family during the actual holidays this past year). An American Girl doll now is very much a part of our every day life. She wakes up with Zoey in the morning and we have to get her dressed and brush her hair right along with the Zoester. After breakfast and cartoons she goes to school with Zoey (riding alongside in the car) and then comes home and plays for a bit and then after dinner she changes for bed with Zoey. The other night I watched her in bed fussing over fixing her blankets over and over until it was just right for both her and her doll both. I have to make a slight confession here too...I've brushed the doll's hair a couple of times and have offered to "style" it for Zoey. I've also changed her clothes a couple of times without having been officially asked. I think the doll will be very much loved in this home. The doll's name you wonder? Our Zoey has named it Zoey. :)

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Vicky said...

Wow! and congrats! what a very lucky little girl. (and I mean Zoey) :D