This Weekend : Fairy House Building

Fairy House Building

It's been a full weekend for us here.  Yesterday consisted of Zoey and I heading out of town for a special "girl's shopping day" since it was rainy and grey.  Today however Zoey has been busy with a neighbor friend building a fairy house in the back yard.  They have a special fairy club in which they write letters and draw pictures for the fairies, they dress up as fairies and build homes and leave little gifts for the fairies outdoors.  It's pretty special to watch.

Fairy House Building

Fairy House Building

Zoey's teepee is acting as the current meeting place for the fairy club to hold it's special meetings.  The neighbor friend's little brother was trying to get in but apparently didn't make the cut to be included in on the fairy club's agenda.

The Fairy Clubhouse

Such fun to be a little girl that believes in things like fairies...

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Tobey said...

How wonderful!!! looks like they are having so much fun! There have been fairy festivals here in town.....but I am usually busy when they have been happening.