and a very special fourth it was...



I have memories of when I was a little girl of my parents trekking across town and setting up a blanket with a picnic basket on a hill that was in the center of downtown where I grew up to watch fireworks. When the fireworks were over I would always, without fail, pretend to be asleep so that they would carry me home in the blanket like a swing. They would fold me up in the blanket and each grab the two corners of the blanket and then swing me all the way home. I love this memory.

Last night, we trekked 3 1/2 miles into town along the Bearskin Trail pulling Zoey in her wagon to watch the fireworks on the trestle bridge over Lake Minocqua. It was such a special time and I know that it will go down in the books for all of us as one of those special family moments. The trek home was even more exciting as we were walking the trail in complete darkness.

Fourth of July, 2011

We watched the parade downtown, enjoyed an outdoor family picnic, setting off our own "fireworks" and playing with sparklers and poppers and then hiking to watch the big fireworks. We didn't get home until 11pm and were completely tuckered out but were all smiling...


We had such a wonderful holiday weekend...thankful for the beautiful weather, our healthy family, and happy hearts!

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Robyn Schaub said...

Sounds very much like our day, and it triggered my memories of being out late for fireworks shows as a child. It's funny how life tends to repeat itself that way, but I love it.

Vicky said...

tfs some wonderful moments! Your pics are just lovely. Awesome dress Zoey is wearing, so festive! Isn't family time the best :D

Denise said...

We had the same kind of weekend Jen. So glad you had a wonderful time!