it would appear...


that we are getting ready to add a new family member into the mix.  We've been wanting a dog for some time now, though we had to pretty much figure out how to get over losing our beloved husky, Gypsy (which was about 6 years ago now) and for Zoey to be "ready" and at the right ago for some of the responsibilities that come with having a pet.  We've been looking off and on for about the past year and we think we've found our newest member of the family this last week.  It's a yellow lab retriever/greyhound mix who is 4 1/2 years old.  His name is Buddy and Zoey has added a middle name of "Bear" so he will be Buddy Bear...Buddy for short.  :)  He had an injury of a broken tail that was recently taken care of with a partial tail amputation so when we get him we'll have to give him some extra special loving and care, but we are ready for it!  We are so hopeful that we can be his forever home.  A little bit nervous but way more excited than anything.  Zoey is beyond the moon and back.  When we told her that Buddy was coming home to us next week she cried and we went out today to start getting all of the necessities for him.  Ethan said no pink collars or leashes (which Zoey was totally planning on) so we got aqua blue paisley instead...we don't want Buddy to be embarrassed walking around the neighborhood after all!

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Diana Waite said...

this is such a cute photo--fun that Zoey is SO excited. Made me giggle that you had to decide on a non girly color so that Buddy wouldn't be "embarrassed"! :)