getting ready for the Montessori school year!

Step-by-Step for Washing Hands

I've been busy the past few days getting ready for the Montessori preschool school year to begin.  We've been adding to and changing up some of our materials at the school and some of my contributions were making some new step-by-step hand washing cards that will be posted by the sink in the classroom.  Zoey had fun posing for the photos for this project.

Yoga Cards

Also, for one of our works (if you aren't familiar with Montessori all of the materials in the school are divided into "works" for the child) we have yoga cards and they were getting really ratty and old looking so I had Zoey pose again and these were the result.  She had fun and I got some new, nice looking materials for the classroom!!  On the reverse side of the yoga cards there is a short little verse regarding the pose that we read to the children while they are practicing their moves.

Yoga Cards

The one above is The Swan and here is what it reads:

I am a swan floating on a lake.

I arch my back to show my long neck.
My arms and legs are straight.
My hands are down.

To make the tail and wing feathers,
I bend my knees and touch my head to my toes.

Right now I am taking a break from writing all the students names on apples that we will hang in the entryway of the school.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy all this preparation!  :)  Preschool rocks!
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Diana Waite said...

wow, Jennifer I am SO impressed! This is so organized, and for one who learns visually I have to say I wished they had something like this for me growing up!

Montessori Schools said...

O wow kids are doing very good activities in Montessori Nursery School

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog today, and I'm so excited to continue reading it! I used to teach Montessori, and LOVED it! Unfortunately I did not send my kiddos to it, but I would love to be back teaching at one. Thanks for all of your inspiring ideas!