first day of 2nd grade

First Day of 2nd Grade

She was so excited this morning and was up early and ready to go a half an hour before we needed to leave. We got to school and I hung out on the playground with the other parents and she ran off and was playing with her friends and so confident and happy...I was so proud!


Then the bell rang and everyone lined up to go inside and she was walking in with a friend...I started walking away and all of a sudden she was in tears. Not because she was missing me mind you, but because a boy behind her in line pulled on one of her backpack hanging thingy's and it broke. Argh! The drama!
First Day of 2nd Grade

Thankfully the tears were short lived and she was able to calm down but it was a bit of a crazy way to start the morning. Thankfully she came home all smiles and said that she likes her teacher and that it will be alright to be in 2nd grade after all...the aforementioned boy is NOT in her class...hee..hee! Phew!

First Day of 2nd Grade

First Day of 2nd Grade


I think the above photo of her and Leo saying goodbye this morning is my favorite. He was so bummed out for her to leave so early in the morning. He knew something was up. When we got home today after school though he was so HAPPY! Literally jumping in her arms and giving her kisses. :) A good way to end the school day I think!

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Susan Coish said...

She is so precious. I certainly can relate to girl drama! So glad she got happy again. Hope she enjoyed her day at school!