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zoey + leo after school

We are officially back into the school year routine now with Zoey.  After school consists of taking care of homework (studying spelling and math) and having a healthy snack before playing outside (sometimes with neighbor friends, sometimes without) or playing with dolls or doing some creative project inside.  Sometimes I let her play on we are still figuring out.  Some of her friends are on there too which makes it fun.  Then it's dinner time (some days a bath after dinner) and then reading books on the couch or the bed.  Once tucked into bed she listens to a book on CD, right now her favorite is Anne of Green Gables and sometimes I find that I stay and listen a bit too.

So far being in second grade and being seven isn't so fact, it's kind of nice. And speaking of education and thinking ahead to the future, if you are ever in need of homework help, find resources through online colleges.

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Denise said...

Those days were such a joy. I remember them well.

Vicky said...

oh so sweet photo! ah, the routine of after school. Playing outside in the fall was a favorite of mine; the crisp, cool air and smell of dead leaves, LOL