thinking about Christmas music...

I caught myself humming a Christmas song in the car today. We don't even have snow yet or have even celebrated Halloween or Thanksgiving yet but I'm starting to get (really!) excited about the holidays already. Perhaps it's because my shopping is officially done for Zoey already.  A first for me, and something that I'm so very excited about especially since last year was such a hustle and bustle crazy time for us. I'm trying to plan ahead a bit more to make time for baking together, playing outdoors and just spending time enjoying one another in front of the tree listening to music. Which, speaking of music, I've come to realize that my holiday music collection is in dire need of some updating. These following albums are on my list of tracks to add to my collection. If you click the links you can listen to some samples of what's on each album.

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Vicky said...

We have snow tonight! Big wet flakes! I love Christmas music and those look like some awesome albums.