Doily Christmas Ornaments using Polymer Clay

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments were so much fun to make...I seriously did not want to stop once I started in on them. I received some polymer clay from the company Activa (Hearty air dry clay) awhile back to sample and have been wanting to create something using it for awhile now, once I got this idea in my head there was nothing stopping me from getting started! Since making those pictured above, I've made others using other stamp designs from my stash as well.  I'll post some of those later.  To read the tutorial check out the Cocoa Daisy blog.

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE LOVE these! what a Fabulous idea! i have been wanting to make handmade ornaments for all the nieces & nephews that would last a lifetime for years now & just didn't have an idea. NOW I DO! i'm so lifting this idea Jen!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!

Sarah said...

These are beautiful! Can you do a tutorial? :)

Sarah said...

Sorry, just read the last line! I'll head over to Cocoa Daisy!

Vicky said...

Gorgeous! and a very delicate design! I'll have to check out the instructions, tfs :)