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work space

I've been slowly creating a little crafty space that I can call my own since our last move.  It's been tricky just due to the lack of space for it but I have utilized the length of one wall of our bedroom for this purpose and I dare say that it's working out nicely!  I still need something for that white space above the new desk, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.  I sewed the white curtains for the front of the desks to create some hidden storage and to also soften up the look of the desks themselves since they are in our bedroom.

work space

I had this desk and hutch since forever (since before Zoey was born!) and while looking at my little corner set-up that I had been using a couple of weeks ago I wondered if Target might have the same desk and sell it just as the desk without the hutch.  A couple of clicks with my mouse and I had my answer.  Why yes they do!  I used some coupon codes that I had and got use of a free shipping special and a few days later it was delivered to my door.  I bumped the two together and now have so much work space I could jump for joy!  No more putting my trimmer on the floor when I want to sew or having all my papers and things that I'm working with scattered about on the floor around me while I'm working on my laptop.  It's such a small thing really, but I am SO darn excited!!!!  I thought while I was at it I'd share some more of my little space.  Here is my inspiration board that hangs above my hutch.  So far it's little bits of product that I love, a hoop that I made and a cool plaster bird hanging that Zoey made for me.

top of hutch

This is a shelf that I have embellishments, art markers, stamps and inks stored on.  The tall tower of drawers is actually a cd tower but I use it for more embellishment storage.

this and that

And here is a little collage of all the goods.  Underneath my desks I have wicker baskets for my papers and alphabet stickers and my trusty Epson printer is under there too.  I have the entire space under the new desk to fill up!  Hooray!

collage of organization

I am not the only one pleased with this set-up it would seem...Zoey is enjoying having a space next to me again to create.  :)

Zoey sharing my space

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lisa said...

Love this creative space Jen : )

angie gutshall said...

What a fun work space!! Love the corkboard idea!

Sylvia Blum said...

so cute.. looks so very organized :)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

It looks awesome! I love the dark wood and all natural wicker!

Denise said...

looks so organized but also creatively fun. enjoy!

Vicky said...

so important to have a "space" of your own :) It looks wonderfully creative!